Creating a platform for multimedia projects intended to uplift and promote positive change.

For many years, André has envisioned a multi-media stage performance merging healing modalities with entertainment technologies.

Since then he has nurtured its creation, allowing this vision to unfold and mature into various layers of development over the years.

André has personally produced experimental prototypes and has most recently been composing the accompanying music and visual elements.

Spirit Musique itself was formed from this journey, and the artistic offerings on this site are all imbued with the same underlying intention.

“Awakening”: a rendering of the ‘live show’ aspect of André’s vision

Prayer For Humanity Andrew Ripa man sitting in front of piano

Meet Gianna & André

Together André and Gianna have offered therapeutic programs and transformative retreats since 2007. Over the past decade their powerful work and the resulting music has touched thousands of hearts internationally.

Andre and Gianna, couple wearing white