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Prayer For Humanity Andrew Ripa man sitting in front of piano

André's New Album

André was inspired to create the album Prayer for Humanity during the COVID-19 crisis. The collection of compositions carry a message of Love and Compassion for the world. Its title is inspired by the art of Lubosh Cech,”Night Prayer for Humanity”. André had the great pleasure to collaborate at distance with three talented musicians who bring beautiful additions to the piano: cellist Brianna Tam from North Carolina, guitarist Thomas Lyng Poulsen from the Netherlands, and duduk player Sean Pádraig from Austin, Texas. Andre’s piano compositions were recorded in Ojai, California.

Meet Gianna & André

Together André and Gianna Ripa have offered therapeutic programs and transformative retreats since 2007. Over the past decade their powerful work and the resulting music has touched thousands of hearts internationally.

Andre and Gianna, couple wearing white