Below you can experience a selection of André’s various original compositions, ranging from classical to pop.

Children of the Sun, a song for global unity.

Composed and produced by André, lyrics written and sung by Saith, this song draws inspiration from ancient cultures and wisdom traditions that honor nature and the sacredness of life. The song urges us to step into ourselves and do our part to create a better world. 

Creation: a musical composition dedicated to the creation of the universe.

Composed and produced by André Ripa, Creation features the voice of Peter Strauss speaking the Canticle of Creation written in 1224 A.D. by Saint Francis of Assisi.

Nai’a, a celebration of the dolphins, Hawaii’s ambassadors of Aloha.

Composed and produced by André, Nai’a features the voice and celebrates the memory of Aka (Haleaka Iolani Pule), a dear friend and teacher who initiated André’s work with dolphin-assisted therapy fifteen years ago on the Big Island of Hawaii. This song is a celebration of the Aloha Spirit, an energy fully embodied by both Aka and the dolphins. It is our intention to share any profits from this song with those who will continue to further Aka’s mission of Aloha in the world. You can participate by downloading Nai’a here.