Dolphin Therapy Virtual Experience

Based upon the concept of dolphin-assisted therapy, this virtual media project is designed to bring the world of dolphins into children’s hospitals and immersive healing environments.


This virtual dolphin experience will be initially presented as a DVD. Eventually it will be formatted for large scale immersive dome projection and as a 360 virtual reality experience.


The program combines sophisticated animated art, underwater dolphin footage, transcendent music and recorded dolphin sounds. An educational usage guide will be included.


Product development will place emphasis on its therapeutic application as well as use for relaxation and positive visualization.


Marketing will be primarily focused upon children’s hospitals, along with holistic hospital programs, health care providers, veteran support groups and hospice organizations.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Over the past decades, the study of dolphin assisted therapy has evoked compelling research findings. Pain relief, reduction of anxiety and depression, and enhanced learning in developmentally disabled children are among the results attributed to dolphin sounds and their use of echolocation.


André Ripa’s inspiration for this dolphin therapy media concept was seeded in 1999 at St. Justine Children’s Hospital in Montreal, Canada. There he began combining dolphin imagery, music and Reiki to support terminally ill children through their healing process and in some cases, life transition.


André Ripa

Creative Director, Musical Composer

During his encounters with wild dolphins in Hawaii and studies of dolphin therapy for autism, André had the opportunity to witness psychological and physical improvement in both cancer patients as well as veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. His success in combining images, music and the concept of dolphin assisted therapy in children’s hospitals and cancer support centers is the driving passion for this project.

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Alain Gauthier

Choreography, Visual Imagery

Alain merges decades of stage performance and choreography expertise with his gift in creating stunning visual imagery. Offering decades of experience with high profile stage companies such as Cirque du Soleil and Cavalia, Alain brings professional perspective to the art of creating media that inspires. His animated visuals to be used in this project are at once unique, brilliant and mesmerizing.

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Michael Sena

Production Manager, Cameraman, Audio-Video Editing

Michael contributes over 40 years of experience in nearly all aspects of music and audio production. He has founded commercial recording studios on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and in North Hollywood, California. Michael has worked in most of the major entertainment venues throught the U.S., Europe and parts of Asia as a recording engineer, live sound mixer, audio technician for broadcast, production mixer, sound designer, musician, composer, video cameraman, producer and writer.

Gianna Piccardo Ripa

Visionary Liaison, Communications

Gianna has worked in partnership with André for nearly 10 years, offering her business background to all aspects of music, video and marketing presentations for both Spirit Musique and Spirit Healing Arts. Her gift of communication has served to translate his expansive vision into grounded and accessible programs. As a holistic health practitioner and musician, with André she has co-faciliated numerous dolphin-centered retreats in Hawaii and performed internationally with Spirit Musique.

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