About Us

Spirit Musique represents the musical collaborations of Gianna & André Ripa and serves as a platform for their multimedia projects intended to uplift and promote positive change.


Practitioners of the healing arts first and foremost, Gianna & André create and utilize music as a tool for transformation. Music for them is a conduit for the voice of Spirit.


Spirit Musique is designed to be more than just a musical offering, but a meditative multi sensory journey that serves as an extension of their mediumistic healing work rooted in respected and ancient shamanic lineages.


Combined with clarity and intention, the Spirit Musique experience invokes expansive heart opening through a rich spectrum of moving percussions layered with etheric sounds and vocals.


Originally from France, André expressed an interest in music at a young age, working as a sound man for theaters in Paris. He embarked on his healing path after moving to Montreal in 1986.


Over the past decades he has emerged as an accomplished hands-on healer and guide for the terminally ill, incorporating dolphin-assisted therapy, music and images into his practice.


Since 2002, André’s intensive work with shamans in Peru, Brazil and Hawaii has ushered in a new and complementary chapter of his life path, as an intuitive musical composer.


Upon meeting Gianna, as she returned from her yoga and Ayurveda studies in India, André’s guidance opened a new spectrum of her gifts as a teacher, healer and musician.


The two combined their resonance with ancient healing traditions and began working together in 2007, merging André’s rich lineage with Gianna’s practice of the Vedic arts.


Over the past ten years their powerful healing work and the resulting music has touched thousands of hearts internationally.


Both André and Gianna are grateful for the many teachers and guides on their paths, especially for the inspiration of St. Francis & St. Clare of Assisi.


Information on Gianna’s private practice as an Ayurvedic practitioner can be found at spirithealingarts.com.


An overview of André’s project vision, a multi-media theatrical show intended to uplift and expand human consciousness, can be viewed here.